Morris Studio---Where Memories are Made

About Morris Studio

Even though I have been photographing since I was in Junior High School (a long time ago), Morris Studio officially began in 1990 in the Tensleep Shopping Center on Rebecca Lane in 1500 square feet.  It wasn't long until we realized that the space wasn't big enough-so we expanded to 4500 square feet. I began looking for a place to build and found a great deal on a piece of property on Buffalo Gap Road. A custom state-of-the-art 8000sq ft portrait studio was built and opened in mid 1993. Morris Studio has been THE place to be photographed for decades. We have been there to capture and preserve those memories in every stage of life. As photography has changed over the years-so has the business. Morris Studio now only photographs on location, which now means everywhere under the sun and the moon. I have been most interested in sports photographs, sunrise and sunsets and closeups of flowers but still have all the images taken from the studio days. So if you are in need of getting something printed or reprinted- we should be able to take care of it. Thanks for coming to the site-Take a look around-I may have something you just can't live without. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very precious memory making, because Morris Studio continues to be-"Where Memories are Made." Hope you enjoy. Have a blessed day. --Mindy



Morris Studio ---Where Memories are Made